Sucker Punch trailer is smoking!

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Azzurite22 hits the nail on its head with his comment on Youtube:

Incredibly hot women with guns and swords? Check.
Nazi Zombies? Check.
Dragon? Check.
Robots? Check.
Samurai Warriors with mini-guns? Check.
Gentlemen, you are BUSY on March 25, 2011. You are watching this fucking movie. If you do not, allow me to package your balls up into a little purse for you to carry around.

Now that deserves the predicate Sangat Pedas!

UPDATE: Unfortunately I fell asleep halfway the movie, the girls are hot but the story is so bleeping lame….

  • wayan eka dirgantara

    hayayayaya…. Sucker Punch … I huge fan of Zack Snyder. Dawn of the Dead, Legend the Guardians of Gahole and in this year, he make Sucker Punch… wohooooo. I can’t wait to see this Movie…