Sangat Pedas

What To Write In A Blog?

September 11, 2011 by Remco | 1 Comment

Find your own style and ideas for writing on your blogTrue, the title of this post might be a bit pretentious because I’m not gonna provide you with a list of topics you can write about in your blog. If you want ideas for “what to write in a blog” you can check posts like this and this and good luck with that, it’s not gonna get your blog anywhere.

I’ve started blogging about a year ago out of curiosity and I felt I had something to say and to share. The longer I’m writing on this blog the more I take it seriously and think about it. Obviously the main part of any blog is content so I often contemplated on what to write about on this blog and I guess I’m slowly starting to find out my direction and style. I hope this post will help you find yours.
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