Sangat Pedas

Cutting Out Our Lungs


Rainforest destruction in Sumatra, Indonesia

I’m generally a person with a positive outlook on the future. Maybe that’s because I, and with me I guess lots of others, choose to close my eyes or look the other way. Our generation is even more effective like the previous generation draining our earth. The worst thing is that maybe unlike the previous generation we actually know and realize the consequences of our behaviour. This picture symbolizes that in the most visual way possible. Draining our earth, killing all wildlife and leaving our kids with a wasteland.

My daughter is 6 years old and I rather don’t think about the world she will be living in 20 years from now. Also I see no other way of explaining what we’re doing with our earth other than saying human beings are a self-destructive species driven by greed and power.

The worst of all is that I actually gave up hope that great people with great initiatives to save our earth can actually make a difference. The power of money and greed is just too strong. I know, pretty dark and pessimistic thoughts, even maybe out of character.

It’s Monday, let’s just keep it at that.