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Pitfalls of a startup entrepreneur and a great speech

The question I've asked myself for years, and I assume many entrepreneurs ask themselves that question, is "am I doing it right?". And when asking myself that question it's not only about my business or career but also my personal life, my joy, how I interact with family and friends and how they see me. The question applies to how I do business, how I work and how I balance it with my social life, which should be more than Facebook and Twitter. Well, I've been an entrepreneur for 16 years now and it took me most of that time to come to the conclusion that I've been doing it WRONG and fell into many pitfalls!


Twitterview: Shinta Dhanuwardoyo

Allow me to introduce a woman that hardly needs an introduction, Shinta Witoyo Dhanuwardoyo: digital power woman, techno entrepreneur, one of the first Internet pioneers in Indonesia and the hardest working women in the Indonesian Internet community. Shinta Dhanuwardoyo was born in Indonesia in 1970 and spend 7 years of her life studying Architecture and Interior, International Business and Corporate Leadership and Innovation in respectively Eugene, Portland (both in Oregon, USA) and in Adelaide Australia.

After her return to her homeland Indonesia Shinta became an extremely busy, passionate and successful entrepreneur. In 1996 Shinta founded which is now Indonesia's leading Digital media Agency specializing in both online and mobile media. Shinta is also the instigator behind the Bubu awards, Indonesia's most prestigious web award, as well as Pesta Blogger, Indonesia's first and only national Blogger's event. If that isn't enough Shinta also founded and managed Mojopia/ (now a Telkom Indonesia company) but recently resigned after more than two years.

Definitely time to find out more about this intriguing and strong woman with a deep love and passion for Batik. So we've decided to subject Shinta to a twitterview (question and answer max 140 characters) SangatPedas style, raw and uncut.


Wealth is an advantage, but it also is frankly a responsibility

Some feel-good news from the vally. Mark Zuckerberg committed to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s initiative called the “Giving Pledge” by agreeing to give most of his wealth to charity. With that commitment Mark joined a list of 57 other multi-millionaire and billionaire individuals and families that sympathise with Andrew Carnegie who argued that fortunes were often wasted by heirs and thus should be put to charitable use. Even though most of Mark's estimated wealth of $ 6.9 billion is still virtual because it consists of the value of his Facebook shares, he already donated an undisclosed amount to the open social network project Diaspora as well as $100 million to Newark Public Schools.

On behalf of the others I would like to welcome Mark to the "Giving Pledge" Club.....


Failure is not permanent

Time for some oldskool Athony Robinson Tsjakaaaa Yes We Can motivational stuff with a catchy title from Donald T. Time for some self-reflection, show the vulnerable side of myself, you know, to inspire co-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be. Todays topic: success and above all FAILURE and MISFORTUNE. So why talk about failure if this is supposed to be a motivational post? Well, failure and setbacks are INEVITABLE in life, I know, been there, done that and sure it will happen again.


Quote of the week

"I don’t care if you’re a billionaire. If you haven’t started a company, really gambled your resume and your money and maybe even your marriage to just go crazy and try something on your own, you’re no pirate and you aren’t in the club."

Michael Arrington - Techcrunch