Sangat Pedas

Puspa & Rama Married!


Ding dong! Newsflash from our reporter in Jakarta. November 20th (20-11-2011), exactly 26 years after the birth of Windows 1.0, now going into the history books as the big day for the most likable guy with the highest “cuddle” factor in the scene. Today the big guy from Dailysocial Rama and his lovely wife Puspa celebrated their love and eternal union and obviously Sangat Pedas was there.

Both the bride and the groom looked ravishing and an anonymous source within Dailysocial told me he was so happy to finally see “Mr. Hoody” as a real CEO. This despite his new haircut which has already become trending. Yep, everyone was present on this sunday morning red carpet event. Hell, it’s safe to say that every self respecting startup was witnessing the mariage of the “Michael Arrington” of Indonesia.

And of course the press and bloggers were present. The Jakarta Post Globe chatting with Aria who’s not amused with the paparazzi. Firman “Dailysocial wrecker” Nugraha from Teknojurnal managed to sneak in as well. The hardest working blogger at DS was busy declaring his love to not one but two Nokia N9′s.

We wanna wish Puspa and Rama a long and happy life together and keep having fun!