Sangat Pedas

Want to have a million dollars? Just ask for it on Youtube!


Everyday millions of people anguish themselves thinking on how to get rich quick and most of the time they keep thinking for the rest of their life. Some people we call entrepreneurs actually give it a try and mostly spend their life working like crazy without actually making one million dollars.

As usual really simple solutions prove to be the best solutions. Most of you will remember Alex Tew who at age 21 became a millionaire with his “million dollar homepage” by selling pixels on his homepage and becoming part of Internet history. No if you think that was simple, check out Craig Rowin’s ‘business model‘ which basically is just asking millionaires for 1 million dollars. Simple, not a lot of work and so it seems pretty effective. A mystery man named Benjamin claiming to be a millionaire promised to give Craig Rowin the 1 million dollar he asked for.

His ‘prove’ is a voicemail and a notarized letter from Benjamin’s lawyer saying Benjamin will give him the money on february 2nd at the UCN Theatre. Ok, I’m no dummy and I know there’s a huge chance that this is just an attempt to go viral and pump up Craig’s popularity as a comedian. But what if he really got $ 1 million? Will that put him in the top 10 richest beggars all time? Will beggars all over the world turn their back on the streets and move their business to the Internet?

So just like I did after seeing the success of the million dollar homepage unfolding, I again focus on that one question: how can I make 1 billion dollar? Yep, you read it well, $ 1 BILLION! But for that the generous billionaire that will make me one will get a promising e-commerce startup and I will vow to the “giving pledge” and thus promising to give $ 500mln to charity during my life. So, Mark, Warren or Bill, how about it? Anyone? Just contact me in the comments or on Twitter and become part of Internet history!

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