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Some domain names that definitely NEED a hyphen!

Domain names, we all want the best, preferably with hot keywords in it, as short as possible and without hyphens. Most webmasters don't like hyphens because visitors tend to forget them in the url and it's hard to read a domain name out loud when there's a hyphen included. But some domain names definitely need a hyphen, just to make parsing easier for both human and search engine. Check these sites and remember them the next time you register a domain name!

Not a site to buy presents for your favorite whore (WhorePresents), but a site to find out who represents a certain celebrity.

Google parses this one as any human would do it: PenisLand, the store with everything for your penis. But in fact it's a site that deals with pens and thought PenIsland would be a cool name. Check how Google parses the domain name: result #1 we find our pen friends.
Need a therapist? You'll find it on this site. When looking for a Rapist Finder in Google you'll find this Therapist Finder as second result, which somehow makes sense cos anyone doing a query like that definitely needs a therapist.

Just like everyone (with a dirty mind) this domain name seems spells "got a hoe?" But actually this is for tourists wanting a trip to lake Tahoe (GoTahoe).

Luckily this site is not about a poor unfortunate or kinky girl named Emma but about the Analemma Society which is involved in education in astronomy. Again, also Google seems to parse the domain name in the wrong way.

Some other sites already realized themselves that a hyphen would be a good idea like who completely dropped the name most read as ExpertSexChange and replaced it with Do you know any weird domain names that need a hyphen? Drop'em in the comments so we can update this post.

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