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Alhamdulillah! “Frikandel speciaal” in Jakarta


Available at Eastern promiseJakarta, it’s not the most attractive or pleasant city in the world and that might be considered as an understatement. Only the traffic and the smog can drive a man crazy but just when it’s getting to me Jakarta gives me something simple that completely brightens up the day. For friday night I was invited by a business relation for celebrating the finish and success of a project. The venue they chose for this was “Eastern promise” in Kemang, which I’ve never been before. Arriving there was a bit of a shock because it was 5 in the afternoon and the bar gave away free beer for 1 hour so the bar was full of buleh’s cos you know buleh’s have a nose for free beer.

Anyways, after happy hour we moved to the restaurant and started snacking and drinking and all of a sudden I see Kevin eat a “Frikandel speciaal”. For all none Dutch people, a frikandel is probably the most popular fast food in Holland and besides liquorice the thing I miss most about Holland. After eating three of them I met with Lens, the owner which of course is a Dutch guy and is running a great bar with three areas, the bar, the restaurant and the live music area. Great vibe, great crowd, great music and… “Frikandel speciaal”! Yahoooooooooo!!!

Eastern Promise
5 Jalan Kemang Raya, Jakarta 12160
(021) 71790151