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Make It Happen! #Life #Startups

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I guess the last months I was kinda numbed compared to the rest of my life. Starting something new isn’t easy, no matter what I might have accomplished in the past. Success is nothing but a snapshot of the moment. Today one can be considered successful and the next day you’re old news.

Success made me a bit lazy and somehow I expected things to happen all by themselves, solely based on what I’ve accomplished in the past. Obviously it doesn’t work like that. What someone did in the past is pretty much irrelevant. What are you doing now? That’s the only thing that matters.

Weird that I’ve gotta realize that again after a live full of highs-and-lows and always making things happen. So back to basics, kick myself in the ass and start building again. No one will make it happen for me and ideas are worth nothing if they’re not turned into action.

  • Dhana

    Hi, I’ve found your blog coincidentally and I’ve just known that founder of Tokobagus is a bule migrated to Indonesia :) from what I read on your postings, you are indeed a person with positive outlook. I hope you succeed.