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Ambient Digital Indonesia - Yet Another Light Bulb


After 8 months of extreme extravagance, partying and many holidays it was time to get back to real life. Even though I could be sipping a Mojito in Bali right now I found that I just NEED to do something. Without a goal I tend to spiral out of control, probably out of sheer boredom.

In my defence, in the 8 months of indulgence, besides doing two investments, I just didn’t see any opportunity where I wanted to invest my money and energy in. Up until I met the guys from the Ambient Digital Group in Vietnam, who are a great bunch of guys. So straight after I saw there product I had the classical light-bulb-moment, thinking YEAH, THIS I GOTTA DO.

My reasoning was pretty simple, I didn’t need to make a budget to come to this decision. Partnering with Ambient would enable me to bring a new product to the advertising market in Indonesia: on-site video advertising. So basically I saw I could leverage (at least for a while) on first mover advantage. Even more important, I wouldn’t clash with the many many other ad networks in Indonesia. So all lights green and focussed on making Ambient Digital Indonesia happen.

So all of a sudden I’m in advertising. But what do I know about advertising? Well, I certainly did a lot of advertising in my Tokobagus days and even though it’s definitely valuable to understand the clients needs and issues, it’s not enough. Luckily I’ve surrounded myself with some very intelligent and experienced people and obviously I was forced into a crash-course digital advertising.

So far it’s working out quite well, in 7 weeks we’ve build a solid publisher base including some of the premium sites in Indonesia. I really gotta thank just about every one in the digital industry in Indonesia for all the help we’re getting, it truly makes me feel part of the community.

Besides that we’ve managed to attract more top advertisers already than we could possibly have imagined upfront. Thus so far I quote my Australian friend: #HAPPY DAYS!

Anyway, video is my new digital religion.

That and light bulbs, light bulbs…. why always the light bulbs?