Still Want To Go All In On Social Media Marketing? #WooWoo [VIDEO]

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In the past two years I invested a money in buying relevant likes on Facebook to then see Facebook limit my reach to 10% and now probably below 5% of all the likes. Though social media can definitely be a part of a marketing strategy, it seems some people in digital marketing completely lost their mind by going “all in” on social media. Do you really want to invest so much in connecting with people through a 3rd party platform?

Spain – Netherlands 5-1 World Cup 2014 Brasil Highlights [VIDEO]

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Though in my opinion chances for Holland to win the World Cup or even make it to the semi-finals are very slim, with the match against Spain we already wrote history. Oh yeah, it’s with a Dutch commentator :)

To the “owners” of this footage, yeah you’re the only ones that should make money of this apparently, but football belongs to the people. Anyway, enjoy!

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Net Neutrality And Cable Company F**kery

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There was a time when Internet players had ideals and strived to keep Internet a sanctuary for freedom of speech and equality. The days of “Do no evil” are far gone, today those words are just a hollow phrase.

Governments do everything to control the Internet, privacy has gone and now the neutrality of the Internet is in serious danger.

I can write a long post about what net neutrality is, why it’s so important and why it will disappear. But John Oliver (HBO) does a much better job at that in his own brilliant kind of way. Along the way he comes up with a much better word describing what’s going on: “Cable Company F**kery”. Well said John, well said.

Colosseum Club Jakarta: Mind Blowing [Review] [Video]

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Colosseum-Club-JakartaThese days it’s pretty rare for me to go clubbin’ in Jakarta. Besides work and age I also find most clubs to predictable, the music is predictable and often very commercial and the whole working girls hassle has become very predictable and annoying.

But yesterday I had some long-time friends over of who most moved abroad and we wanted to make it a happy and special night. So someone proposed to go to Colosseum because it’s being said that it has the best and most expensive light show in South-East Asia and the music supposed to be good. The only thing that got me worried upfront was that it’s located in Kota where also Club Stadium is located and Kota does have a reputation (understatement) for drugs and girls. But since we were with a nice group of people I agreed to go and it totally blew my mind.

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Why People Should Travel – Vasily Goes US [VIDEO]

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The world is so full prejudice, ignorance and stupidity. It’s always easy to just generalise and condemn complete cultures, religion and races. As said, this is almost always based on ignorance because people choose to stay within their comfort area and don’t even try to understand other people’s opinion.

Traveling is the best cure for that. My first visit to Egypt was an eye-opener on Muslims, their believes, way of living and how they see the world. I found that not every Muslim is a terrorist or wants to take over the world. Traveling is enlightening.

The above short documentary is about bringing a senior Russian farmer, name Vasily, out of his village and to the US. A simple but very interesting concept, shot in a very direct and raw way. Credits to STEREOTACTIC for this.

Surfer Anastasia Ashley’s Twerking Warm-up Dance [VIDEO]

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anastasia-ashleyWe at Sangat Pedas like sports. Really. We like breast ball baseball. Huge fan lately of pole-jump. Crazy about tennis and let’s not forget beach volleyball. Sports, a healthy mind in a healthy body, even if it’s just golf.

Any businessman knows how important sports is and any sportsman knows how important a good warm-up is before you give it your best. But in case of Anastasia Ashley one might argue that her warm-up is the best she gives.

Gentlemen, buckle up! You can thank me in the comments. (Via Vidhuntr)

Psychotropic Drugs: The Killing $26.5 Billion Scam [Documentary]

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psychotropic-drugsA good business idea is finding a solution for an (everyday) problem and monetize it. But what does an industry do when there’s actually a lack of problems but it still wants to rake in billions? Well, easy. You make up a problem and make up a solution. That’s what the drug industry for psychiatric disorders seems to be doing. Seems… I would say is doing.

Every heard of the disease Bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a condition in which a person has periods of depression and periods of being extremely happy or being cross or irritable.

Based on this definition, who doesn’t have a bipolar disorder? It’s called human emotions in my opinion and it’s part of life, no cure required in the form of chemicals.

If I would have been born 20 years later, I bet you I would have been diagnosed ADHD and would have been put on medication. But I’m not ill and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t ill, just a tad more active than the average person.

So the pharmaceutical industry is making drugs to cure diseases that actually don’t exist. Huh? Well, so far there’s absolutely no scientific proof that any mental disorder is actually a disease. Sure, experts on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry talk about “imbalances in the brain” but bottom line, that’s speculation. The cures they fabricate are raking in billions but seem to do more harm than good. Just to be clear, I’m not saying all medicines for mental disorders are fake. But, you gotta wonder, where did all these “disorders” all of a sudden come from? And why is it that 50% of the people committing suicide in the US is using a drug for a mental disorder?

Watch the video below and share your thoughts.

Ho Lee Fuk! KTVU Brings Another Epic TV FAIL [VIDEO]

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If the crash of the Asiana Flight 214 in San Francisco wasn’t such a tragedy, if people didn’t die and got severely burned  this could have been funny. Unfortunately people did die and people di get burned and scarred for life. Just an EPIC FAIL from the category Ho Lee Fuk! Apparently KTVU did check the names with the NTSB, who are investigating the crash. Allegedly an intern at NTSB confirmed that the names were all correct. But did no one at KTVU had the common sense of reading the names out loud to then come to the conclusion “Sum Ting Wong”?