Still Want To Go All In On Social Media Marketing? #WooWoo [VIDEO]

June 20, 2014 by remco | 0 comments

In the past two years I invested a money in buying relevant likes on Facebook to then see Facebook limit my reach to 10% and now probably below 5% of all the likes. Though social media can definitely be a part of a marketing strategy, it seems some people in digital marketing completely lost their mind by going “all in” on social media. Do you really want to invest so much in connecting with people through a 3rd party platform?

Spain – Netherlands 5-1 World Cup 2014 Brasil Highlights [VIDEO]

June 15, 2014 by remco | 0 comments

Though in my opinion chances for Holland to win the World Cup or even make it to the semi-finals are very slim, with the match against Spain we already wrote history. Oh yeah, it’s with a Dutch commentator :)

To the “owners” of this footage, yeah you’re the only ones that should make money of this apparently, but football belongs to the people. Anyway, enjoy!

Footage is not being used for any commercial purposes.
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Net Neutrality And Cable Company F**kery

June 4, 2014 by remco | 0 comments

There was a time when Internet players had ideals and strived to keep Internet a sanctuary for freedom of speech and equality. The days of “Do no evil” are far gone, today those words are just a hollow phrase.

Governments do everything to control the Internet, privacy has gone and now the neutrality of the Internet is in serious danger.

I can write a long post about what net neutrality is, why it’s so important and why it will disappear. But John Oliver (HBO) does a much better job at that in his own brilliant kind of way. Along the way he comes up with a much better word describing what’s going on: “Cable Company F**kery”. Well said John, well said.

Colosseum Club Jakarta: Mind Blowing [Review] [Video]

May 12, 2014 by remco | 0 comments

Colosseum-Club-JakartaThese days it’s pretty rare for me to go clubbin’ in Jakarta. Besides work and age I also find most clubs to predictable, the music is predictable and often very commercial and the whole working girls hassle has become very predictable and annoying.

But yesterday I had some long-time friends over of who most moved abroad and we wanted to make it a happy and special night. So someone proposed to go to Colosseum because it’s being said that it has the best and most expensive light show in South-East Asia and the music supposed to be good. The only thing that got me worried upfront was that it’s located in Kota where also Club Stadium is located and Kota does have a reputation (understatement) for drugs and girls. But since we were with a nice group of people I agreed to go and it totally blew my mind.

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AWS, The Blessing For Digital Startups?

April 20, 2014 by remco | 1 Comment

KSnQL1nkSince I’ve parted from Tokobagus I’m involved in several lower profile startups in Indonesia, I just love pioneering, build stuff and help out like minded peers. In general, I like to get involved really early stage because I think that’s where I can contribute a lot and it’s the phase I enjoy most. One rule though, the startups I like to get involved in have to have great ambitions and their model needs to be scalable, in the end I like building big things.

Scalable not only means that the product should be scalable, but also the organisation and infrastructure, and that’s mostly where I come in. In my past I had some experience with scaling an e-commerce platform to become one of the largest sites in Indonesia and I definitely remember the head aches and stress that gave us. So I like to spend time thinking about and working on solutions that are scalable from the start, which is for a part in the code and for a part in the architecture. Often this means serious investing in hardware and knowledge from the start, but startups are startups and often have little means, no money, short on staff and a hell of a lot of work to do.

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What’s Happening In Digital Advertising?

February 24, 2014 by remco | 0 comments

Though programmatic buying in Indonesia still seems to be in a very infant state, it’s nonetheless very interesting to see what’s happening on a global scale and how it affects specific industries. All but mobile is up…. On a side note, the success on mobile for a lot of publishers also often leads to declining revenues so for me that’s a challenge I would love to take on. More on that later this year.

For the rest, a cool infographic, courtesy of Turn, the whole report can be downloaded here. 


How To Secure And Encrypt USB Flash Disk For OSX

February 22, 2014 by remco | 0 comments

flash-disk-encryption-macSince I bought a 255GB flash drive, I kind of switched from using external hard drives to flash drives. The reasons are obvious, using a flash drive is just easier and more comfortable.

But I’m a sloppy person and tend to leave my flash drives lying around just about everywhere, making it easy for others to take it or have a peak. In my windows days I bought a special app to secure my flash drives but since I switched to Mac I didn’t encrypt my drives anymore. Anyway, today I decided to secure my flash drives so here’s how you do that on OSX without any 3rd party app.

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