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The Basic Things to Know Before Creating a Dating Site & Dilution

The Basic Things to Know Before Creating a Dating Site

Dating sites give people the opportunity to start a family, to find a women for casual sex, to find a person to spend some quality time with, and for others they become a source of monthly stable earnings with little to no effort involved.

Many Internet users know that their own Internet site can become a reliable tool for generating monthly income, the size of which can amount to tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars of monthly income.

But few know about ways to monetize their resources, namely those who have already passed all the stages of trial and error on the way to the cherished goal.

In this article, I want to tell you how can you make some good money by creating a dating website.

"But why should I create a dating site?

For the simple reason that the amount of monthly income from contextual advertising systems depends on the traffic that your site gets and the number of pages on your site. But in order to get, for example, 300 pages available on your site, you need several months of daily and painstaking work.

With a dating site, everything is different. This type of Internet service is filled with content by the visitors themselves. That is, after a visitor gets registered, he creates his page, he uploads his photos, videos and text information to his profile. In addition, he begins to visit the pages of other participants of this resource on which advertisements from Google. AdSense are posted, and meanwhile, from time to time, they click these links, giving you a buck in the process.

That’s how easy it is, for each time a user clicks one of these links, half the cost of this click is given to you.

Obviously, the more visitors you have on your site, the greater will be the amount of profit you get. But how can you promote your own dating site? You have to simplify its functionality for users and add something that cannot be found on other similar services.

  1. The first thing I would advise would be this: the visitors of your dating sites should not be bothered with all of that registration crap, 50% of all potential users are lost because of this process, so you should simplify it as much as you can.
  2. Additionally, you should add the ability to upload videos on your dating site. Users should be able to hide these videos, you can call them exclusive, VIP or whatever. The point is that you will get profit from this. Make it so that these users will get some share of this as well. I think that this function will attract a large number of users, as they will be able to earn on it, it’s a win-win situation.
  3. After the service is created, it is necessary to select keywords and phrases according to which it will be promoted. Then, it is necessary to place several pages on the site with text information in accordance with the selected keywords. This is necessary in order to conduct a set of measures of search engine optimization, that is, to bring them to the TOP 10. This will allow you to get a lot of traffic and it will increase the number of regular visitors you get.

And so, as soon as the attendance of your dating site get at least to 1000 visitors per day, you can count on a fairly decent monthly income, which will increase in accordance with the increase in the number of visitors you get.

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