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October 31, 2010, 1 Comment

“I don’t care if you’re a billionaire. If you haven’t started a company, really gambled your resume and your money and maybe even your marriage to just go crazy and …

Venture Capital & Internet startups

October 31, 2010, 5 Comments

2010 was the year that the big venture capitalist finally discovered Indonesia which now has become the land of unlimited opportunities. Some investme ...

[BREAKING NEWS] Samsung Galaxy Tab to save the world???!!!

October 30, 2010, 4 Comments

Reporting live for you from Senayan Plaza Jakarta where 3 Sangatpedas reporters are witnessing a historical moment while standing in line for the mira ...

SEO wisdom

October 29, 2010, No comments

  • Trick or treat!
    October 29, 2010, No comments

    Well, the week is almost done so shutdown your hip airbooks, take off your glasses and let your hair down. After FRANK (FRiday Afternoon driNK) the weekend starts and this ...

  • Limewire is dead…
    October 29, 2010, No comments

    Big party this week at Necker island, Sr. Richard Branson arranged the girls Steve Jobs was popping the champage while Madonna shouted “WE WON, WE WON”. Even Prince (a.k.a The ...

  • And the donkey of the week is…..
    October 29, 2010, No comments

    Meet Ariel (a.k.a. Chazzuka), a well respected and renowned developer and highly valued colleague at Tokobagus. This guy eats 800 pages complex developments books for breakfast, his online presence is larger than ...

  • From hacker to shredder
    October 28, 2010, No comments

    Maybe I’ve watched to many Hollywood movies but I always thought that after serving time in jail brilliant hackers get exciting jobs at the FBI, CIA or some big multinational. ...

  • never send any spam….
    October 28, 2010, No comments

    Anyone without a good spam filter must have noticed it, the flood of emails offering cheap Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy  came to an abrupt halt on september 27th. For yet ...

  • 10 tips for buying and selling online
    October 27, 2010, 2 Comments

    This post gives you 10 tips on how to successfully sell on Tokobagus, or any other classified site for that matter. Follow these tips and post your experience in the comments here and help me improve this post.

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