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The 2012 Indonesian Startup Soccer League: FIFA 12 or PES 12?

December 28, 2011 by Remco | 1 Comment

A new year is coming so it’s the time that the more “serious” tech blogs focus on top 10′s of 2011 and the outlook on 2012. However, Sangat Pedas has other more important stuff on the agenda for 2012. So let me quickly rundown my outlook on the Indonesian startup scene in 2012:

  • Startups will die and others will be born;
  • Mobile will be even bigger;
  • The e-commerce war will really ignite and there will be victims;

But who cares, 22 centuries ago the Maya’s already predicted the total annihilation of the world as we know it in december 2012 so we better focus on more important issues. This year was a great year for Tokobagus but there’s one huge annoyance I got to solve in 2012. In the last year we started playing PES at the office and basically I got my ass kicked every time, big time. Total and utter humiliation to the bone.

Dude, I’m Asian. You wouldn’t stand a chance!

So I did what I had to do, I purchased a PS3 with FIFA 12 (changing the game might give me some edge) and started practicing, practicing and practicing and so far I still suck. Right when I was about to leave it for what it was something happened that made it personal. At the founders drink Kevin told me: “Dude, I’m Asian. You wouldn’t stand a chance!“. WTH?!! Does he even realize I used to be a true game king? I was a legend on Ms. Pacman (1981), the undisputed “Dragon’s Lair (1983)” champion and kicking the shit out of “Donkey Kong (1981)“. Hell, before Kevin was probably even born I ruled the winter olympics (1985) on the Commodore 64.

Sure, I can already hear people calling me oldtimer or grandpa and telling me gaming has changed since the 80′s. Sure, well we’ll see about that in the 2012 Indonesian startup FIFA/PES 12 league.  With already more than 10 applicants and counting this will be the big thing where people in the Indonesian tech-scene fight it out. Here’s where we separate boys from men. We don’t care how successful your startup is, this will be your chance for total and utter respect and ultimate admiration.

So, SangatPedas will setup the league, find a sponsor for the main prize(s), and updating everyone on scores and standings. Any help in this will be welcome of course. Everyone can apply for the league through my twitter account with reference of #startupleague. The rules and execution will be determined later but we’ll make it super flexible so even with a tight schedule you should be able to participate. One rule though, whatever we play it will be on the PS3 and you need to own an original copy of the game.

But first we need to decide what it will be: FIFA 12 or PES 12. Knowing Indonesia I guess it will be PES 12 but being European myself I rude for the one and only FIFA 12. Just drop your vote in the comments, which ever gets the most votes will be the decision. Any ideas on what would be a good, fair and practical setup are welcome as well in the comments. Target is to have everything arranged in january so we can start playing in february.