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How To (Not) Pitch Your Startup

October 11, 2011 by Remco | 3 Comments

Wigged Startup PitchLaunching an Internet startup is a pretty daunting task and at some point most startups need to raise money to finance infrastructural investments, marketing and growing operating cost. That’s the point where entrepreneurs need to pitch their startup to investors and you know how VC can be to startups. This means that entrepreneurs have to come out of their coffee and cigarette fueled comfort zone and that’s hard.

But no worries, we’ve got it covered with the most essential tips you should follow to ensure you to leave mind blowing impression and cash the much needed $$$. Sangat Pedas style, polite, respectful and non-confrontational.

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Are Indonesian startup entrepreneurs less original?

April 10, 2011 by Remco | 3 Comments

I’m not so much into responding to posts of other bloggers but in this case I would like to make an exception. Last week I read an post written by Funcrowds’ founder Andre Siregar titled “Startup Indonesia: kurang orisinal?“. He wrote this article based on the fact that 9 startup entrepreneurs pitched their business to several VC and all the startups were basically localized clones. What I didn’t like about Andre’s post is that it’s tendentious because he only asks the question without giving his own opinion and just quotes Ryo Umezawa, director of venture capitalists J-Seed Ventures. So I think Andre has raised an interesting question but failed to shed some light on that question or simply didn’t want to burn his fingers on answering that question.

So allow me to share my opinion on this topic, does the Indonesian startup scene lack originality?

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Bubble is coming, bubble 2.0 is coming!

January 3, 2011 by Remco | 0 comments

Got your slick powerpoint presentation ready? Did you give your business plan an extra boost? Already have a few visitors on your start-up in stealth mode? Got your blue shirt and kaki pants back from the laundry service? Memorized your elevator pitch? Made yourself familiar with Valley slang? Came up with a cool logo and an even more cool name for your company? (fruggle is already taken)

Our time has finally come, the moment every start-up entrepreneur has been waiting for, better than having Christmas and Thanksgiving in one day: Bubble 2.0 is coming! So exit stealth mode and make sure your on Techcrunch, e27 or Dailysocial, certified altars for any tech investor. VC’s armed with big fat check books are already fighting to get a piece of just about any pie, even when it’s plain old fashioned apple pie. Don’t worry if your business is still 1.0, just ad some Web 2.0 visual effects, connect with Facebook and Twitter, say it’s all in the cloud and you’re all set.

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My moment of fame with Sarah Lacy

November 8, 2010 by Remco | 20 Comments

Sarah LacyI hate to disappoint everyone, I know I have a reputation but if you’re thinking for even one minute that I’m gonna take on or bash Sarah Lacy you must be out of your friggin mind! Listen, I don’t mind taking on VC (who likes VC anyway?). Nor do I mind banter at Smitty from Koprol, he has a good sense of humor. Taking on Google, cape deh, too easy. I mean things like that are good for the visits and KPI’s of this struggling blog startup but taking on Sarah Lacy is like risking instant suicide. She can crush me within a heartbeat, instant banishment from the digital world. Facebook profile deactivated, kicked out of Twitter and eternal mailbombs. My VC will instantly pull the plug and I will probably be the most hated person in the global digital community. Rule #1: don’t touch Sarah! Get it? Capice?

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Sparxup puts Indonesian Internet startups on the map

November 7, 2010 by Remco | 1 Comment

Ok peepz, time for some serious compliments to everyone involved in the Sparxup 2010 event. For a first time event like this I can really only take my hat of for the people that made this possible, especially everyone behind the screens who worked hard but seem to enjoy the rewards. The investment event was impressive if already only looking at the keynote speakers who were attending. I was surprised and impressed by Indonesias Minister of Trade Ms. Mari Eika Pangestu who delivered a clear message to the Indonesian startups, realizing the possibilities of the booming digital market, showing vision and delivered it in flawless english. Sarah Lacy showed that you just need a name card with a few keynotes to keep the crowd fascinated and Michael “Smitty” Smith was for me the absolute highlight of the day.

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Venture Capital & Internet startups

October 31, 2010 by Remco | 8 Comments

2010 was the year that the big venture capitalist finally discovered Indonesia which now has become the land of unlimited opportunities. Some investments have already happened but much more will follow in 2011. I’m not an expert but I’ve worked with several VC’s in different startups and would like to share some experiences and hopefully give some good advice.

This post is based on my personal experience and “knowledge” so any comments are welcome.

Any similarities to actual people, situations or VC’s are pure coincidence. A salut to our own VC, guys all negative things I might say about VC definitely doesn’t apply to you guys, you’re the best! To all other VC’s in the world: I LOVE YOUR MONEY YOU!

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