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Written by remco on March 26, 2011 in Internet - 1 Comment

We from Sangat Pedas are always happy to be helping out someone, answer those difficult question you know, just because we care. Anyway, this week we got a question about Facebook a.k.a. Fakebook a.k.a. Fuckbook. The question seems simple: What does the relationship status “It’s complicated” mean?

This question was specifically about our fine Tokobagus crew where an exceptional amount have set their status to “It’s complicated”. Well, there are many answers to that question so based on the person using this status you have to make the right analysis and pick the appropriate definition.

1. Denial
Basically this is someone that just got dumped by his ex but is still in denial and has hope that everything is going to be ok. Sweet, especially when his ex already set her Facebook status to “Single”. Anyway, nothing complicated here, the guy is single but in denial.

2. In a long distance relationship
Sometimes it happens that a guys is married but can’t be together with his wife and kids because of… actually I don’t really know. Often these guys are getting excited about this new situation and the opportunities it brings but only one thing is not really helping “Status: married”. Ideally they would like to set their status to “Single” but you know, probably the wife wouldn’t really appreciate that so the alternative is “It’s complicated” which is “sold” to the wife with some lame story about living far apart is complicated. Again, nothing complicated about this, the appropriate status should be “Married” or “Engaged” or “In a relationship”

3. Multi f***ers
These are the guys and girls that like to bring some variation in their love life but also want to benefit from a steady relationship. You know, it’s always nice to come home and find the house cleaned and food on the table. From a woman perspective it might have to do something with financial security. Anyway, multi f***ers, players, daters of the world, it’s not rocket science, it’s not complicated!

4. Dumb asses
You spend lots of time with that one person and you head over heals in love. You spend quite a lot of money on this girl, you have (some) sex with her but she has her status set to “it’s complicated”. Well, that’s not complicated, you’re being played DUMB ASS! You act like there is a relationship but it takes two to tango so there’s no relationship but only in your mind.

5. The desperate
This is the guy that can’t get a girl and everybody in his surroundings knows it but you know Internet, it’s an opportunity for a new identity and to avoid people on the www thinking you can’t get a girl you put your status on “It’s complicated”. Well dude that’s soooo pathetic that that shit just ain’t cute anymore, you’re single and everybody knows it!

6. My wife is not on Facebook
Married for 10 years this guy longs for some outside attention and TLC and since his wife is not on Facebook but he’s still scared like shit he chooses the “it’s complicated” option. Dude, believe me, your wife will soon find out!

7. The wishful thinker
So you’ve been out once or twice with the girl of your dreams? Congrats! Good for you! But still nothing complicated about your status.

So everyone with status “It’s complicated” and especially the guys and girls at Tokobagus, would you be so kind to set your status to the appropriate status? Thanks from me and the person who send us this question!

Btw, inquiries about the real status of our popular Tokobagus team members will be answered in exchange for 1 bottle of Bacardi, discretion guaranteed!

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  1. Kamelia. April 24, 2011 at 9:58 pm · Reply

    This Is The Second Time I read this blog from you. Everytime I read this, I can stop to laugh about it. Keep thinking, which one is #i prefer not telling his name, would might “pas” for him. And than I think again, I just put my status and change it into “janda”, trying to be honest and open, bffffttt, what you called ya, you musn’t know, okay . . . widowed. And my friends, I don’t know maybe he pretending he didn’t read what I wrote, keep asking me about my eks. And I thought, OMG what did he want. On the second thought Remco, once again, sometimes it’s better to just write it’s complicated, with the REAL meanning. So people stop asking me some question with “purapurabego”. That’s all, I Would Prefered It’s Too Complicated, hehe . . .

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