Sangat Pedas

Gratitude For The “Simple Things” In Life [VIDEO]


Lately I’m in a philosophical mood. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I just closed another chapter in my life and while starting a new one my mind is still processing the experiences from the previous one. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older. Whatever the reason is, I tend to think about life more, about the world around me and how I fit in.

As entrepreneur and workaholic I tend to be occupied with one thing, business. Though nothing wrong with that by itself I tend to forget the things around me. The simple things that make life beautiful. The sunrise, my wife, my family and the miracles on this planet we take for granted. Though from time to time I try to change myself I seem to fall for the same trap over and over again.

I guess I’m just really bad at multi-tasking, either my mind is a 100% occupied with business or not, no way in between, no 50%. My current solution is working my ass off but taking more days off. To be honest, sometimes I’m so jealous at people who don’t need or want a lot in this world. People who are happy and satisfied with the “simple” and “small” things in life. People that dedicate their life to helping other people, selflessly, day in day out. When I watch people like that I can’t think anything else than that their life is more meaningful and satisfying than mine.

Like many other people, I also don’t realize that every day on this earth is a gift, the ultimate gift. The video below is as beautiful as inspiring. Life lessons worth while hearing, images worthwhile seeing.