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The greatest miracle of life…


While I’m diligently working on a radical overhaul of this blog, thinking I got nothing to write about anyway, I suddenly got a surprise. Our favorite Tokobagus car freak, mr. Beamer and automotive channel manager witnessed the birth of his son! As far as we know both mother and son are in excellent health. So this is probably the time where all our female readers are focussed on the picture (he actually looks like his father) and say things that men not really understand like “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, he’s so cute” and “Couchie Chouchie Chouchie”.

In the meantime I can tell you that his name is still, as Andri said, “work in progress” but number 1 on the list is “Mochammad BAGUS Artomoro” which is of course a great honor for everyone working at TokoBAGUS. Of course it could be his wife has other ideas about that, so let’s give them a hand and drop some nice middle names in the comments.

On behalf of SangatPedas and everyone at Tokobagus we congratulate Andri and his wife and wish everyone a long, happy and healthy live.

  • pemales

    congrat for andri, and the name is good… Bagus Artomoro! Born in Bali Bagus. :D

  • bimmerholic

    @all: thank you for all Tokobagus team, i am sorry if I used BAGUS taken from Meant my son will also be GOOD as good as the name.
    Who will follow me next? Hahahaha

  • remco

    Hi Andri, don’t be sorry, like I said, we’re honored! :D

  • Arno

    Congrats Andri on becoming a father, enjoy every second of it.

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  • Andri

    Announcement for Official name: Mochammad BAGUS Rasya Almaheer :D

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