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Life’s highs, lows and miracle rebounds [Videos]

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Some posts just easily write themselves but with this one I’ve been thinking about the angle for two days and actually still don’t know so I’m just gonna go ahead with it.One of the things I really hate are successful entrepreneurs who believe they’re really special, better than other people, some God’s gift to mankind.They tend to completely forget where they’re coming from and how much luck and privileges they’ve gotten to come to that point. Even worse are those who actually aren’t successful at all and do a much better job in promoting themselves than their company with a shameless arrogance and a great suits….

Success, happiness, wealth are privileges with which one should be really happy while maintaining some humbleness because life has a funny way of f*cking with you and turn things upside down. Just as it did with Daniel Mustard and Ted Williams, a talented musician and a golden radio voice who both ended up in the streets due to alcohol and drugs addictions. Both wanting a second change and maybe by some miracle both got one.

Both Daniel and Ted have rebound after hitting rock bottom and living as homeless persons in the street struggling to survive. Daniel just released his first album and Ted has got his career as voice back on track again. For me it’s stories like these that are both an inspiration and a reality check that makes me realize how privileged and lucky I am and how relative life can be.

Daniel’s cover of “Creep” was done while he was still living in the streets and cuts straight to my soul because he clearly lived and feels what he’s singing which makes it better than the original for me.