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Life’s highs, lows and miracle rebounds [Videos]

April 10, 2011 by Remco | 1 Comment

Some posts just easily write themselves but with this one I’ve been thinking about the angle for two days and actually still don’t know so I’m just gonna go ahead with it.One of the things I really hate are successful entrepreneurs who believe they’re really special, better than other people, some God’s gift to mankind.They tend to completely forget where they’re coming from and how much luck and privileges they’ve gotten to come to that point. Even worse are those who actually aren’t successful at all and do a much better job in promoting themselves than their company with a shameless arrogance and a great suits….

Success, happiness, wealth are privileges with which one should be really happy while maintaining some humbleness because life has a funny way of f*cking with you and turn things upside down. Just as it did with Daniel Mustard and Ted Williams, a talented musician and a golden radio voice who both ended up in the streets due to alcohol and drugs addictions. Both wanting a second change and maybe by some miracle both got one. Continue Reading →

Narayanan Krishnan: A True Superhero and Inspiration [video]

March 19, 2011 by Remco | 0 comments

Often the term “Hero” is defined as a person that on one occasion acted courageous, selflessness, distinguishing him or herself by a brave deed. The soldier that saved his team, a by passer  saving someone from drowning or someone overpowering a robber in a Seven Eleven. Without saying acts like these aren’t heroic it’s videos like these that show that we often overlook the real heroes, people that selflessness help other people day in day out.

One of those heroes is Narayanan Krishnan who lives by a simple rule that everybody has 5.5 liter of blood meaning everybody is equal and should be treated as such. Narayanan touches the essence of life by asking himself “What is the ultimate purpose of life?”, a question I’m sure lots of us think about. But like in business, just thinking about things doesn’t make it happen, Narayanan makes it happen, day in day out. Watching this video I was touched and I felt guilty and I’m asking myself what can I do? MUST MUST MUST SEE VIDEO!!!!

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