Sangat Pedas

If You Have Never Heard Dubstep, Do Not Leave Now [Video]


Somehow I have a weak spot and high admiration for street artists. Not the delusional kind that randomly hits an out of tune guitar yelling a song they don’t know the lyrics of. Neither the ones shaking a cup with rocks in it as rhythmical as the average white person struggling to clap along during a Julio Iglesias concert. You know, the kind that you pay to get rid of so you can resume enjoying your saturday afternoon coffee again.

No, I mean the kind of street artist that you wonder why they’re performing in the streets and don’t have a record deal. For instance guys like Daniel Mustard, who in his case was pretty much down on his luck and living in and off the streets.

The intriguing and admiring thing about the talented street artists is that they choose to do what they like to do most, despite any sacrifice they have to make. This when from a practical point of view it’s not always the smartest thing to do. People that prefer they’re passion over a career and secure life. Artists that don’t need mass attention but just enjoy entertaining passing by shopping audience. The real sharing 1.0.

In a world filled with totally untalented celebrities cashing in on their looks or a crappy appearance in an even more crappy soap, talented street artists are extremely refreshing. Human talent raw and uncut like in the video above. Recorded in Milan and not much is known from the performing artist. Not much else than that the little girl in the video liked it and so do I. Happy sunday folks!

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