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John Lewis - Best Christmas Advert of 2011

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Holidays are coming and even though I still prefer to associate Christmas with non-material things, the reality is that it’s big business. This means that the creative minds in this world are pushed to the limit to come up with the best adverts possible so their clients can get the biggest piece of the pie as possible. Some adverts become legendary, some are FUNNY (I don’t want shokz!), some are not, some or a waste of talent and others just disappointing. Not judging the effectivity but more the creativity my choice of 2011 is the John Lewis advert displayed above. Having a daughter myself this ad is obviously totally unrealistic as in “never gonna happen” but just try watching it without getting all sentimental. The ad was created by Adam & Eve which proves good stuff still come from London.

  • leonardo

    The Smith cover made the ad perfect, mas. ;)