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I’m Sexy And I Know It


Music is still one of my biggest passions but I hardly can put much time in finding cool music. This is one of the major reasons I love Youtube, you get easily connected with music and artists you would normally never have heard of. Anyways, meet Noah who’s a regular Youtube celeb judging from the almost 4mln views of this music video in just 7 days!

I’m a 18 year old singer/songwriter from South Carolina. I love all kinds of music but most of what I write is pretty organic. I’m not into a lot of effects and tricks. Just good melodies and lyrics with something to say.

Check the vid and you’ll understand why people like Noah are that what makes Youtube popular and matter, for me anyway.

  • toko online

    keren, wah ini blog ny tokobagus ya? wah mantaaapppp, salam kenal ya

    • remco

      Salam kenal mas!