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Bubble is coming, bubble 2.0 is coming!

January 3, 2011 by Remco | 0 comments

Got your slick powerpoint presentation ready? Did you give your business plan an extra boost? Already have a few visitors on your start-up in stealth mode? Got your blue shirt and kaki pants back from the laundry service? Memorized your elevator pitch? Made yourself familiar with Valley slang? Came up with a cool logo and an even more cool name for your company? (fruggle is already taken)

Our time has finally come, the moment every start-up entrepreneur has been waiting for, better than having Christmas and Thanksgiving in one day: Bubble 2.0 is coming! So exit stealth mode and make sure your on Techcrunch, e27 or Dailysocial, certified altars for any tech investor. VC’s armed with big fat check books are already fighting to get a piece of just about any pie, even when it’s plain old fashioned apple pie. Don’t worry if your business is still 1.0, just ad some Web 2.0 visual effects, connect with Facebook and Twitter, say it’s all in the cloud and you’re all set.

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Wealth is an advantage, but it also is frankly a responsibility

December 9, 2010 by Remco | 0 comments

Some feel-good news from the vally. Mark Zuckerberg committed to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s initiative called the “Giving Pledge” by agreeing to give most of his wealth to charity. With that commitment Mark joined a list of 57 other multi-millionaire and billionaire individuals and families that sympathise with Andrew Carnegie who argued that fortunes were often wasted by heirs and thus should be put to charitable use. Even though most of Mark’s estimated wealth of $ 6.9 billion is still virtual because it consists of the value of his Facebook shares, he already donated an undisclosed amount to the open social network project Diaspora as well as $100 million to Newark Public Schools.

On behalf of the others I would like to welcome Mark to the “Giving Pledge” Club…..

Venture Capital & Internet startups

October 31, 2010 by Remco | 9 Comments

2010 was the year that the big venture capitalist finally discovered Indonesia which now has become the land of unlimited opportunities. Some investments have already happened but much more will follow in 2011. I’m not an expert but I’ve worked with several VC’s in different startups and would like to share some experiences and hopefully give some good advice.

This post is based on my personal experience and “knowledge” so any comments are welcome.

Any similarities to actual people, situations or VC’s are pure coincidence. A salut to our own VC, guys all negative things I might say about VC definitely doesn’t apply to you guys, you’re the best! To all other VC’s in the world: I LOVE YOUR MONEY YOU!

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