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Melia Octavia In The Tokobagus TVC You Won’t See On TV (yet) [VIDEO]


Recently I’ve worked on the new TVC’s for Tokobagus and people might think that’s a lot of glitter and glamour. Well, it’s not. It’s working from 06:00 till 23:00, a lot of re-shoots and a lot of waiting in a big, quite cold and uninteresting hall. But when working in a great team (thumbs up to Melvin, Novin, the guys from Pantarei) combined with some awesome TALENTS then everything is possible.

Did I mention TALENTS already? Yes, you’ve seen it right, Tokobagus features Melia Octavia Santoso in the automotive TVC’s (30″ and 15″). But believe it or not, never before has Melia featured in a movie, a Sinetron (soap opera) or even a TVC. Whaaaat???

Weird if you ask me. Nidji is cool but let’s be real: Melia is so much more cool. One day working with Melia was so inspiring for us that we instantly created a new TVC in just a matter of minutes, non-storyboard 100% Sangatpedas style. We predict a huge TV and movie career for Melia cos obviously this is THE BEST TVC EVA!!!

For more info please contact Sangatpedas Celebrity Management.