Paperphone: Bending Is The New Touching

Written by remco on May 7, 2011 in Mobile, Videos - No comments

Canadian researchers have developed a prototype of a flexible smartphone made of electronic paper. To activate a function or feature de user simply bends the phone in a certain way.

According to its creators the Paperphone will revolutionize the world of interactive computing. ‘Fingering’ your thin iPad 2 all of a sudden has become so 1.0 oldskool passe, paper is the new style. Our tree hugging readers don’t have to worry that the remaining forests will be cut down for the production of this device because the term paper is just a reference to the look-n-feel.

Though it’s not able to make photo’s, the most sensational game it offers is chess, and the look of it’s E-ink screen reminds us of the ancient hercules driven phosphor screens (retro is bleeping cool anyway),  it should be able to do just about anything the iPhone can do, send emails, listen to music and of course calling.

Typing has never been more easy, for the letter R just bend the upright corner 3 times towards you, followed by bending the lower corner to times away from you and then bend the whole phone twice in a upright horizontal direction. Yep, easy and fast. For all you geeks, here you find the complete scientific report and the rest check this extremely kewl video and see how bending will become the way of the future:

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