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The SangatPedas Euro 2012 Prediction

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Yep, also about football Sangatpedas is the go-to-source for answers. Personally I’m still lobbying to become the head coach of the Indonesian national team but due to a lack of credentials and credibility I think I need something really strong to ever have a shot at realizing this goal.

So while everyone is going for the obvious by predicting a final with either Spain, Holland (yep I’m still a fan) and Germany I’m here to tell you it’s gonna go down completely different. I mean, when does a tournament ever go according to the predictions? Ok, maybe the last World Cup but not this time. Second, today I’ve had a premonition, like Octopus Paul was talking to me from the after life and he gave me the answers.

So here it is, the final will be Russia Spain - Italy which Italy Spain will win 2-0.

So there you guys, use it to your advantage or laugh your ass off but this is how it will go down. And once the tournament is over SangatPedas will be the most respected football oracle and I will become head coach of Indonesia and bring World Cup qualification. For realz!

  • phil

    You got my vote to be head coach of Merah Putih!