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The Willis Wee Comedy Show At StartupAsia By TechInAsia


Today was the second and last day of StartupAsia in Jakarta which was looking at the crowd and guests quite a successful event. Things were pretty ok organized and there were a lot of interesting industry players. One of these players was Andrew Darwis, founder of Kaskus who agreed to do an interview about the story behind Kaskus.

The interviewer was Willis Wee, the in Indonesia slightly less popular founder of TechInAsia, partially because of his previous frontal attack on William Henley aka Dr. Doom. But, a new day offers new opportunities and since the house was packed Willis Wee was totally psyched to make his appearance a lasting one. You know, building an image and become even more “popular” with the big guys.

The first question from Willis Wee to Andrew Darwis: “Do you have a girlfriend?”  HAHAHAHAHA!!! Andrew: “No, My girlfriend now is Kaskus...” This is some funny shit Willis must have thought, let’s make it even more funny.

Next question: ”Do you have a boyfriend?” Hihihihihihihihihi! Wakawakawakawaka!! LOL! This is too funny, this is darn right genius, how does he come up with this? Anyways…. (hihihihi phew….. funny, right?)

Next question *takes a deep breath*, ok, ok, ok. Are you ready? Here it comes: “Can you find a girlfriend on Kaskus?”  Whoooohoooooohooooo, *tears rolling from laughing* Aduh I can’t hold it anymore Hahahahahahahahahaha! TROLOLOLOLOLOL! Am I funny or what? I mean who needs on-topic questions if you can get brilliant comedy like this.

OMG, let’s talk about the porn past of Kaskus, Willis was thinking so he could through in one of his best jokes: “You know how people should call you? Well? You don’t know right? Ok ok here it comes: “ANDREW KASKUS PORN” WHOOOOOOHOOOHOOO *cough cough* OMG, I’m peeing my pants!  HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA LOLOLOLLOL LMFAO, get this guy a one man show. Serious, girlfriends, boyfriends, porn, I mean that shit is seriously as funny as it is on-topic.

Ok, one more for the road, but don’t put this one in the transcript on TechInAsia (mirror): “But you are straight, right?” Andrew: “Yes!” Willis: “Cool, so we can still be friends” Hihihihihihihihi hahahahahah etc etc etc Announcer: “GIVE IT UP FOR WILLIS WEEEEEEEEEEEEE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!”, WILLIS WEE PEOPLE, THE BEST COMEDIAN IN SOUTH EAST ASIA!

So, for what it’s worth allow me to say a few words to Willis directly. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING DUDE??? This was a level that even an average 12 year old would frown upon. How are these questions even relevant? And since when is someone’s sexual preference and relationship status any of your business or important?

Dude, Andrew Darwis is probably the kindest and nicest guy in the business and one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs in Indonesia. He takes the effort to come to your event with the intend to share his success story and he does this for free, TO HELP YOU GUYS! I mean do you have any working braincells? This is how you treat Andrew? This is what you consider professional?

Obviously it’s clear that this was my first and last appearance on any TechInAsia, I value my colleagues in Indonesia and especially Andrew too much to be part of this. If only you would have stayed far away from the stage. If only…. then this would have been a completely different post.

  • Treespotter

    I did not attend but perhaps this has to do with the Wee person positioning himself as the designated asshole, some sort of personal branding? 

    Or is Kaskus going into online dating? 

    *waiting for the rumor mill to work* 

  • rampok

    Andrew Kaskus Porn?? That’s a good one. Gold! 

  • rampok

    Andrew Kaskus Porn?? That’s a good one. Gold! 

  • Guest

    It was an embarrassing dialogue in front of a packed audience. I doubt TechinAsia will be that packed again. For the majority of his interviews the guy came across as arrogant and charmless with a standard opening line of “who are you?” in a condescending tone. He also constantly lost the flow of conversation with an unhealthy obsession on money, as opposed to using the platform to ask pertinent questions which would have been beneficial to the audience (the ones paying to get in).