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Installing FFMPEG On A Web Server

FFmpeg-2-0-1-Officially-ReleasedTime for another short, sweet and time saving geek post, this time on how to install FFMPEG on a web server. Now, there’s many scripts out there like the one below but most are outdated and not working anymore. Basically all I did was step-by-step debugging an existing script and changing it until it produced the desired result. In case the script below to install FFMPEG doesn’t work anymore, just check if any versions changed, if the code moved to github and change the script accordingly or just drop a comment.

Here’s the script, which you can also execute step-by-step of course:

Simply copy this script (to any location) on your web server and run this command:

All the debug info will be logged to the file build_ffmpeg.log in the same folder where you put the file Though the console output will be pretty clear in the end on the success of the installation, you can still do a simple check:

Which will produce an output like this:

To be able to run the program at run time you need to make the following settings which you can also put into into your $HOME/.bashrc file to set them automatically at login.

Thanks to Ryans for making the initial but now outdated file.

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