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Tweet Of The Year - Pacific Place Jakarta

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Yep, Jakarta is flooding, the city (read traffic) comes to a halt and many people have some serious problems due to the excessive rain and floods. In short, it’s a really shitty day in and for Jakarta. While the roof in one of Pacific Place, one of the biggest malls in Jakarta is leaking and elevators stop working someone in the social media dept of this mall saw his chance and made this tweet of the year. You might drown, your car might drown, your house might flood, it might be dangerous in the mall, but KEEP ON SHOPPING!!!

Btw, this is the current situation in Jakarta while it’s still raining:

Obviously this tweet caused a storm of replies varying from disbelieve to anger. This tweet immediately proved to be a Social Media disaster first class. But it still took One hour for someone at Pacific Place to wake up and issue this apology and 15 minutes after the original tweet was deleted.

Now, I really don’t think anyone in Pacific Place really thought at that moment that sales was more important than the well-being of people. It might be the social media dept is on the 20th floor or so and didn’t fully realize the scope of todays rain and flooding. But left or right, it’s the clear winner of the Sangat Pedas Tweet Of The Year.

Anyway, good luck to everyone in Jakarta, we hope you’re safe and still can enjoy the holidays.

  • Muchammad Rizfandi

    number 1 photo is my home,but im be greatful because my home not flood,hahaha…