Sangat Pedas

That’s why we love Jakarta!


As bule living on Bali we tend to complain, you know, that’s what bule do best ya! So one of our “frustrations” is a lack of enforcing the law because frankly besides checking people on their motor bike for their papers in the hope to make another Rp. 50.000 (cari uang) nothing much happens. You can drive drunk, texting, watching TV, calling someone in the car or park in the middle of the road, it’s all good.

Well, my business partner was happy to report that his Jakarta field research showed a different police attitude, in two days booked for ignoring the 3-in-1 rule (during rush hours you need to have at least 3 persons in your car) and calling while operating a motor vehicle, total damage Rp. 1.250.000. No talking your way out of it with lame excuses like “I didn’t know cos I’m new in Jakarta” or “I thought that only apply to local people”, no sireee, just and fair, that’s how Jakarta works, the law is the law. Fortunately Jakarta does also have the pay-me-now-I-give-you-cheap-price-discount which reduced the total cost to Rp. 200.000. Now that’s why we love Jakarta.

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