Jakarta hospitals and my bionic arm

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While most Jakartians spend their weekend in Bandung, Bali or one of the >150 malls I decided to spend mine in the hospital. Around a year ago I broke my arm pretty bad just below the joint, multiple fractures, crushed and the bone penetrated my muscle. The surgeon on Bali reconstructed my arm during the first operation but because he used screws that were too long and sticking through the bone he had to do a second operation.

After a year running around with a bionic arm I decided to use this weekend to get all the metal out of my body and so it happened. Still somewhat dizzy from the shitload of anti-biotics and pain killers I’m looking at the stuff that came out and keep being amazed about the size of the 4cm screws.

Anyway, for expats who are looking for a good hospital in Jakarta I can definitely recommend the Siloam hospital in Kebun Jeruk, since they’re the only hospital approved by the US embassy it was my first choice and I must say that everything was 100% ok.

Anyway, I hope next weekend will top this one…

  • Arno

    Happy to hear the hospital was good and everything went well. Didn’t need to promise any lasers this time.