Sangat Pedas

FOX News EPIC FAIL: “President Obama Is In Fact Dead!” [VIDEO]


Hello Fox40 News anchors (Fox News affiliate in Sacramento), did we have a nice weekend? Hit the town pretty hard? Enjoyed the Jack D? Too much republican indoctrination? Cos that was some nice professional coverage of the death of Osama Bin Laden. Yep, after all this guy has done it’s such a hard name to remember: “OSAMA BIN LADEN” which is not the same person as “President Obama”, even though you guys think your president is in fact a Muslim infiltrant. CHECK THE EPIC FAIL VIDEO!!!

Not only was the bottom text pretty much off as you can see in the picture below, but check the video where the anchor says

President Obama is speaking from the east room in the White House telling that President Obama is in fact dead

Of course it’s great that the President is capable of declaring himself dead, what a major leap in science! It seems all a bit too much coincidence but Fox news swears (no crossed fingers) it was not on purpose.

Offense is always the best defense so instead of apologizing Fox40 wrote a lame statement telling that they weren’t the only ones mixing up the names, I wonder what the autocue actually said… Anyway, Fox News proved again to be the most professional and objective news channel ever, for real!