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Surya Cafe Jimbaran: Fresh Grilled Seafood With The Best View


After four months in Jakarta I finally found a few days to flee the traffic, the smog and the Jakarta malls and take some rest on Bali. One of the best spots to eat fresh grilled seafood is at the beach right between the mountain village Jimbaran and the Bali airport.

Close to the Four Season Hotel at Muaya Beach you find a seaside foodcourt with maybe a dozen or more seafood restaurants right at the beach. These are all pretty much really basic restaurants where 90% of the tables are located on the beach so don’t expect any upscale restaurants. But what you can expect is the best fresh grilled seafood in Bali right at the beach!

Located almost all the way in the back of the food court is Surya Cafe, owned by Wayan Wardana, who serve the damn best lobster in the world. Well… pretty good ones anyway. At the entrance you will be asked to pick your seafood and as you can see in the pictures we picked the lobster, shrimp and clams. While waiting at our table literally just 6 feet from the ocean the seafood was seasoned in the right proportions and grilled with, guessing from the taste, probably some wood chips.

But hell, I’m no expert on seafood but who doesn’t enjoy eating shrimp and lobster with a Bintang and sitting just a few feet away fro the ocean and the magnificent few and atmosphere.

Surya Cafe - Fresh Grilled Seafood
Jl. Four Season Hotel
Muaya Beach Jimbaran - Bali
+62 361 8612247 / +62  361 705239