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DailySocial’s Advice To Startups: SELL CHEAP!

October 9, 2011 by Remco | 10 Comments

DailySocial, Indonesias #1 #2 tech-startup (re-)blog site, trusted source by both investors and startup entrepreneurs. Great bunch of “crazy” guys, lots of laughs (despite that some got bombed by standup comedy lovers) but in the end the confrontation was inevitable. Yep, it’s about time we step in and set these guys straight for the sake of all startup entrepreneurs in the world. Sangat Pedas “tidak peduli” style, you can always count on us.

It started with a post by William Henly, corporate strategy expert, investment banker, multi sector entrepreneur & Fortune Indonesia’s Top 40 Executive Under 40. Basically William sees the Indonesian tech-startup market lately as overhyped, over-valued and he thinks the market is not transparent enough, even using the word “misleading”. Though I wouldn’t go as far as William, I too had some things to say about the Indonesian tech-startup market but from a different perspective. As for the transparency, William, here you can find some of the valuations and deal info of Tokopedia, Kaskus and Detik, even though it’s not all based on solid first hand statements it comes pretty close.

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DailySocial Kicks Ass… Koprol’s Ass!

August 18, 2011 by Remco | 0 comments

Just three days ago I wrote a post about the seemingly lack of real fighting spirit in the Indonesian startup scene. The lack of discussions and the lack of telling it straight, like it is. Well, for starters it quickly became the most read post on SangatPedas, for whatever that’s worth and but it didn’t get the desired effect, up until yesterday. Continue Reading →

Monkeys, bananas and vomit worth $60mln

August 13, 2011 by Remco | 3 Comments

Somehow I keep seeing articles written by Indonesians about the Indonesian startup scene questioning the creativity, vision and strategy of Indonesian Internet startup entrepreneurs. I’m not sure whether it’s frustration about lack of an Indonesian platform being an International success or the will to push Indonesian Internet entrepreneurs and developers to a higher level or both. Anyway, a few weeks ago I read an article in the same category on Daily Social that actually slightly pissed me off.

The post I’m talking about is a guest post on Daily Social written by Razi, the owner of a for me unknown Digital agency called “Bridges and Balloons”, titled “Developing a Sophisticated Demand Culture” (mirror). Before people argue I use things out of context, please read the article and feel free to check out other articles on Daily Social which is actually a pretty good tech blog for Indonesia.

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