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*Beep* Posts: Good or Bad SEO Practice?

September 1, 2011 by Remco | 0 comments

In the past I wrote some posts regarding *beep* and the Internet, one the one hand because I thought the posts itself were pretty funny, on the other hand to see how the use of *beep* words would effect my traffic. Well, it has come to a point where I think Google Sangat Pedas as a *beeping* *beep* site, around 90% of the search results in Google is *beep* related.

So, I’ve decided to delete all the posts with the words *beep* and *beep* and *beep* in it. Let’s call it a reversed experiment, I got traffic on posts with lots of *beep* words in it, but did that negatively effect my other more serious posts? Seriously, only 3 posts out of a 138 get > 80% of the organic search traffic? Yes people, another real life SEO experiment just to serve you. Time for a change, Sangat Pedas just became slightly less Pedas.

SEO For Startups #1: Performance, 404 and 500 Errors

May 1, 2011 by Remco | 1 Comment

The Internet is full of SEO experts who continuously watch the latest changes in search engine algorithms and have mastered the art of SEO. Even though I think it’s somewhat overrated, SEO is still one of your marketing instruments which can help you grow your website so time we spend some time on this topic.

In the series “SEO For Startups” I will focus on what we call “low hanging fruit” because in my experience successful SEO is more about discipline and execution than it is about higher technology. Assuming you have unique quality content on your website simply following the steps in these series will optimize your positions in, and maximize traffic coming from search engines like Google. Btw, my focus will always be on Google for obvious reasons.

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