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SEO For Startups #2: The Importance Of The First Paragraph

September 8, 2011 by Remco | 2 Comments

SEO Startups - The Importance of the first paragraphThis second post about SEO for startups is all about the importance of a first paragraph of your content. Now there are many factors in SEO that determine your position in search engines on certain queries but the first paragraph is probably the second most important after the title of your post.

The first paragraph of this post might sound a little bit redundant since the title is already clear on the fact that the first paragraph of a post is important but it immediately illustrates the point of this post. Obviously this SEO post is not only intended for startups but using by using “SEO for startups” I want to improve my #5 Google ranking (mirror) for this search query.

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SEO For Startups #1: Performance, 404 and 500 Errors

May 1, 2011 by Remco | 1 Comment

The Internet is full of SEO experts who continuously watch the latest changes in search engine algorithms and have mastered the art of SEO. Even though I think it’s somewhat overrated, SEO is still one of your marketing instruments which can help you grow your website so time we spend some time on this topic.

In the series “SEO For Startups” I will focus on what we call “low hanging fruit” because in my experience successful SEO is more about discipline and execution than it is about higher technology. Assuming you have unique quality content on your website simply following the steps in these series will optimize your positions in, and maximize traffic coming from search engines like Google. Btw, my focus will always be on Google for obvious reasons.

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