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Anyone wanne give the Dutch Queen or PM a call? #Wikileaks #Cablegate2

September 2, 2011 by Remco | 0 comments

Wikileaks, probably state enemy #1 of many countries, but in the past I defended their cause and methods up to a certain point. I believe that it’s good that certain crimes like the collateral murder in Iraq are exposed. But Wikileaks has a different approach, instead of focussing on specific incidents that need to be exposed they prefer to publish documents as is. Consequence is that some of the published documents serve a cause but most don’t expose something that needs to be exposed, they just provide info. Info that serves no cause but often is just a pain in the ass for governments.

Well, we’ve reached a new chapter with Cablegate 2 in which Wikileaks is no longer a whistle blower and Julian Assange days are counted. Julian Assange has always been smart enough to keep some information behind as life insurance, well it seems his life insurance has expired the moment it got published on, (more info here)

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