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Tron Legacy 2010 trailer

November 18, 2010 by remco | 2 Comments

Sequal of the 1982 Disney movie Tron, severely updated and in 3D. It’s Matrix meets Transformers, it’s Star Wars meets Snake, it’s Harry Potter meets Robert Love, it’s Jeff Bridges meets Yoda.

Apparently our readers are geeks who don’t like hot girls, Samurai Warriors with mini-guns and dragon (0 comments) so we hope to please you guys with this trailer of Tron Legacy where geeks are the real heroes. Dressed in tight rubber suits (?) and armed with a neon light geeks battle it out. I digged the first movie but judging from the trailer so far I don’t get this one, but that’s probably the whole idea behind a trailer, right?. Though I’m sure it will look incredibly awesome in 3D (just like Step Up 3D and Shrek 3D), but then again 3D is always dope. The trailer indicates that we won’t be bothered with complex redundant conversations, a three minute trailer with only two lines and when it will be anything like the 1982 version this it what you can expect:

Kevin Flynn: Alan?
Tron: Where did you hear that name?
Kevin Flynn: Well that’s your name, isn’t it?
Tron: The name of my User. How did you know?
Kevin Flynn: I’m a program from a User that knows Alan.

This is cutting to the core and you know, racing and fighting in a CPU is awesome. Did I already mention it will be in 3D?

Sucker Punch trailer is smoking!

November 14, 2010 by remco | 4 Comments

Azzurite22 hits the nail on its head with his comment on Youtube:

Incredibly hot women with guns and swords? Check.
Nazi Zombies? Check.
Dragon? Check.
Robots? Check.
Samurai Warriors with mini-guns? Check.
Gentlemen, you are BUSY on March 25, 2011. You are watching this fucking movie. If you do not, allow me to package your balls up into a little purse for you to carry around.

Now that deserves the predicate Sangat Pedas!

UPDATE: Unfortunately I fell asleep halfway the movie, the girls are hot but the story is so bleeping lame….