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[NSFW] Prostitution And Why Facebook Has a Hard Time Attracting A-Brand Advertisers

October 23, 2011 by Remco | 2 Comments

Finally, another NSFW post. All thanks go out to Facebook, well on their way to “world domination” but having a hard time attracting A-brand advertisers. In one of my previous posts on online advertising as a business model I stated that this was partially due to the open ad market which attract all kinds of sellers of different products and different alloy. Basically Facebook doesn’t offer the “exclusive” advertising like Yahoo does that A-brands are looking for.

Well, today I would like to ad another reason to the list. Allowing Malaysia No 1 Call Girl Service (mirror) openly promote prostitution who offer Indonesian girls with the pay-off “Yes, good service. Can do whatever u want” (mirror). WTH?! Way to go Facebook! Moderation is overrated anyway. Mind you, this is not a private profile but a public page! This is just the thing A-brands want to be associated with when building their brand. Funny thing is that Facebook rejects ads based on an innocent image but allows pages promoting hardcore prostitution.

It’s no secret I love beautiful women and if women choose to sell their services that’s up to them. But besides my doubts about how voluntary these girls work there, what about members coming from different cultures and religions? Don’t get me wrong, I’m opposed to any filtering or blocking on the Internet, but if I would be Zuckerberg this is the kind of content I would block. People thinking this is a contradiction: the Internet is a medium, Facebook a company with a brand to protect. As far as I know prostitution is illegal in the US and in Asia, their biggest growth market.

Nadine Zamira Sjarief - The Art of Manipulation #EvilLaugh

September 20, 2011 by Remco | 0 comments

Nadine Zamira SjariefI LOVE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. Fact! So there you have it. It’s out. Glad I got that of my chest. But beauty is only skin deep and not always combined with intelligence. And then to find a woman who is both that and actually puts it to good use puts a big smile on my face.

Yes peepz, through some weird coincidence in my pathetic quest to let celebrities follow me on Twitter I got in contact with the extreme hot multi-talent-mega-celebrity-pageant-queen Nadine Zamira Sjarief.

Mentioning this to a female colleague (who also happens to be a full-time Sangat-Pedas-hater) was quickly replied by a bitchy “No one knows Nadine“. This of course is an implicit contradiction itself, motivated by a typical female envy that guys detect from miles away. But that made me even more convinced Nadine could be one of those rare power women who should be put to the ultimate test: a full on, raw and uncut, in your face Twitterview.

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Red Square Jakarta - Review

September 19, 2011 by Remco | 1 Comment

Red Square is a Vodka Club concept with 3 locations in Indonesia. Red Square is located in the Arcadia building in the Senayan area of Jakarta. I’ve been their twice, one time on a wednesday night and once on a friday night. Both times with my friend Absolut so forgive me if I left out some details.

Anyway, Red Square Jakarta is fairly moderate in size and considering a large part of the club is taken by tables and comfy couches I guess the maximim capacity of around 400 people. I think interior and size wise Red Square can be compared with NuChina, but the crowd is definitely more mature. I guess the venue aims at upperclass people enjoying both comfort and a party.

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Ask Selina Limman - [Crowdsourcing Twitterview]

September 15, 2011 by Remco | 10 Comments

Selina LimmanYes people, we’re in the preparation of some new “Twitterviews” here and like with our previous twitterview, we have a special preference for Indonesian “Power Women”. It’s been a long time but definitely worth waiting, we’ve got two incredible Power Women lined up for you. We take our twitterviews seriously here and consequently we have the toughest pre-selection on earth. For realz!

Anyway, after a long selection procedure, months of lobbying, begging and utter humiliation I finally managed to get no one else than the one and only Selina Limman aka Miss Urbanesia aka Miss Dimps to agree to do a Twitterview. No kiddin’, we’ve got the Queen of Indonesian startups! That’s what living up to our standards and high expectations from our readers. BOX! But….

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Nadine Alexandra for Miss Universe!

September 12, 2011 by Remco | 2 Comments

Nadine Alexandra for Miss UniverseYep, I’ve had complaints from the loyal followers of this blog and righteously so. The payoff of this blog clearly promises “geeks, GIRLS & gossip” and lately there hasn’t been a whole lot of girls on this blog. And at the same time there’s another somehow related problem, the national soccer team is pretty much letting Indonesia down and the kind people of Indonesia need someone they can cheer for. Someone representing their country and defending it’s honor.

Well, let me introduce ya’ll to Miss Universe Indonesia 2011 Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames. WATCH AND AWE!

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Club Triple 9 (999) Kemang Jakarta - Review

June 5, 2011 by Remco | 2 Comments

Club Triple 9 (999) in Kemang, formerly known as “Dizzy Lounge”, is located on the 3rd floor of the Kemang Arcade building in Kemang Raya. Triple 9 is undoubtably one of the best clubs in Kemang and even my favorite club in Jakarta.

The street Kemang Raya houses several popular clubs like NuChina and Second Floor that got his name of being located on the 2nd floor of the Arcade Building but now moved 600 meters and rebranded itself to SF. First thing I noticed when arriving at Club Tripple 9 is that everyone has to go up to the 3rd floor in a really small elevator, which makes me think what would happen if the place catches fire.

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Nu China Kemang - Jakarta Night Life Review

May 8, 2011 by Remco | 2 Comments

Nu China is according to the buzz “One of the most happening Clubs in Kemang” and others go even as far as saying “The most Happening in Kemang right now” and it should be the favorite spot for many cute girls. But how hot and happening is Nu China really?

After 4 months in Jakarta and the Stadium deception I decided it was time to finally check the place out. My first impression when I entered Nu China was that it’s in fact a pretty modest (small but cosy) sized club and dark with black ceiling and walls which in my opinion is an outdated concept.

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Farewell Pia Toscano.. I’ll stand by you! #AmericanIdol [Video]

April 10, 2011 by Remco | 0 comments

Well, it’s official, America absolutely has no clue when it comes to judging talent or only teenage girls actually vote for their favorite American Idol. Last week the judges, me and Pia Toscano were in tears, confused and shocked, what the hell just happened?? One of the best singers and definitely the hottest looking girl got voted off American Idol and I’ve been in a state of devastation since then, can’t eat, can’t sleep and burst out in tears every 20 minutes. With tears in my eyes I say farewell Pia, American Idol is over for me this season….

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The Ayam Confusion - Indonesian for beginners

March 20, 2011 by Remco | 4 Comments

One thing is for sure, Indonesians like their chicken, with rice of course. Chicken is the number one food in Indonesia and the number of variations on chicken in the Indonesian kitchen are staggering.

Ayam Goreng, Ayam Bakar, Ayam Kuning, Ayam Katsu, Ayam Gulai Rebung, Ayam Masak Habang, Ayam Rebus Jamur, Ayam Goreng Tepung, Ayam Saus Bawang, Ayam Masak Bawang, Ayam Goreng Mentega, Ayam Kuluyuk, Ayam Bumbu Hijau, Ayam Kalio Padang, Ayam Besengek, Ayam Drumstick Pedas, Ayam Areh, Ayam Bumbu Poyah, Ayam Ungkep Wijen, Ayam Sumpu, Tum Ayam. Well, I really could go on for hours but you get my drift.

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