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Club Triple 9 (999) Kemang Jakarta - Review


Club Triple 9 (999) in Kemang, formerly known as “Dizzy Lounge”, is located on the 3rd floor of the Kemang Arcade building in Kemang Raya. Triple 9 is undoubtably one of the best clubs in Kemang and even my favorite club in Jakarta.

The street Kemang Raya houses several popular clubs like NuChina and Second Floor that got his name of being located on the 2nd floor of the Arcade Building but now moved 600 meters and rebranded itself to SF. First thing I noticed when arriving at Club Tripple 9 is that everyone has to go up to the 3rd floor in a really small elevator, which makes me think what would happen if the place catches fire.

Triple 9 is basically a U shaped club with the bar in the middle, DJ booth in the middle corner and a large dance floor. The DJ plays techie style house music combined with some club hits but just right so it doesn’t become too repetitive. The crowd is a nice mix of all kind of people but the majority are students who just want to have a party and that’s exactly what Triple 9 gives them. On I read that the majority of the crowd is male but actually I would say the opposite but it probably depends on which night you visit the Triple 9. So there are girls and yes guys, of course there’s “ayam” too…

Prices are pretty decent especially compared to the ridiculously expensive club SF (Second Floor). Entrance fee is Rp. 75.000 and includes a first drink, a bottle of Absolut is around Rp. 900.000 including the mixers. For the extreme party people: a bottle of Tequila is Rp. 800.000. For tables the usual rules apply, you have to make a reservation and “open a bottle”.

Triple Nine Jakarta
Kemang Arcade Building on the third floor
Kemang Raya 20 A
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62-21 718 2284
Email: [email protected]

  • Thibaud

    Hi Remco, thanks for mentioning Jakarta100bars… My last visit of 999 was in 2008 so it’s possible the crowd has changed since.. I’ll definitely pay it a visit again soon to update my post (well, after Ramadhan I guess)… Cheers, Thibaud ([email protected])

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