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Club Bacio - Bali Nightlife Review [UPDATED]

January 1, 2011 by Remco | 6 Comments

UPDATE: Following the closing of Double 6 also Bacio will permanently close its doors as from september or october 2011! The land these two clubs are on will be used for new apartments buildings….

In my two years living in Bali I guess I’ve pretty much got to know most aspects of the vibrant nightlife on paradise island and one of my favorite spots definitely is Bacio. This club is one of the many clubs owned by the local F&B tycoon Kadek and is situated in Seminyak on Jalan 66 which is also home of clubs like Dejavu, Double Six, La Vida Loca and just accompanied by Cocoon.

Due to it’s magnificent location, only separated from the beach by a small road, one could call Bacio a beach club, it has a great terrace with some comfy lounge couches and because the whole front is open you can even enjoy the spectacular view from the inside.

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Club Stadium - Jakarta Nightlife Review

November 20, 2010 by Remco | 8 Comments

Stadium is a phenomenon in Jakarta, a huge place with 4 floors and a capacity of 5.000 people. So this was my second and probably my last stop of the evening. I have been in Stadium not so long ago but was at that time pretty drunk and stayed for maybe half an hour so I was curious to check the place out with a pretty clear head. Located in a small alley in a pretty shabby part of town you will find “Discotek Stadium”, probably the most (in)famous club in Jakarta and by many men considered to be paradise. Since Stadium is open from thursday till sunday 24-hours a day (!!) many stories circle about men staying in the Stadium for 3-4 days.

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Blowfish Jakarta Nightlife Review

November 20, 2010 by Remco | 4 Comments

Blowfish club bar restaurant Jakarta nightlive

After a few days of meetings, traffic jams and Galaxy Tab misery I decided it was time to blow of some steam and start to get familiar with the Jakarta Nightlife. So far I’ve only been in Loewy’s, Illigals and Stadium (more about Stadium here) so I decided to do some research before hitting the town. After some googling I ended up on a great site from I guess a fellow buleh who seemed to have done a good job in reviewing the hot spots in the Jakarta club scene. I decided to look for a place with some class and where I wouldn’t be bothered by the ‘working’ girls and I decided to head for “Blowfish” which seems to be a bit more exclusive and classy night club. Continue Reading →

Sucker Punch trailer is smoking!

November 14, 2010 by Remco | 4 Comments

Azzurite22 hits the nail on its head with his comment on Youtube:

Incredibly hot women with guns and swords? Check.
Nazi Zombies? Check.
Dragon? Check.
Robots? Check.
Samurai Warriors with mini-guns? Check.
Gentlemen, you are BUSY on March 25, 2011. You are watching this fucking movie. If you do not, allow me to package your balls up into a little purse for you to carry around.

Now that deserves the predicate Sangat Pedas!

UPDATE: Unfortunately I fell asleep halfway the movie, the girls are hot but the story is so bleeping lame….

[NSFW] Geeks love fashion!

November 12, 2010 by Remco | 5 Comments

pictures here!A recent wild guess reliable survey by Sangatpedas shows that 89% of our visitors loves to spend their time watching women fashion. Just walking around in the Tokobagus office I noticed our male colleagues taking an interest in fashion, mainly women fashion but that must be a coincidence. Our support department is diligently moderating and nurturing our fashion category (which is now the biggest one out there) to make it the best of the best , thanks guys for your unselfish efforts!

Anyway, with the weekend coming up who are we to deny you the latest trends, the creme-de-la-creme, the cream of the crop? After all, Sangatpedas is all about shamelessly providing the information our readers want, so what the heck, maybe we can even welcome some more female readers. Continue Reading →

Trick or treat!

October 29, 2010 by Remco | 4 Comments

Well, the week is almost done so shutdown your hip airbooks, take off your glasses and let your hair down. After FRANK (FRiday Afternoon driNK) the weekend starts and this weekend it’s Halloween. Now I don’t have anything particular with Halloween, it is after all a typical Northern America thing but it seems it has conquered Bali as well. So I decided  to do some research on the costumes.

Well holy macaroni! after visiting some online shops I get it why it’s so popular in the States. Check the costumes, I don’t know what’s scary about them but for me it can be Halloween all year.

Trick or Treat? Easy lah: TREAT!