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[NSFW] Prostitution And Why Facebook Has a Hard Time Attracting A-Brand Advertisers


Finally, another NSFW post. All thanks go out to Facebook, well on their way to “world domination” but having a hard time attracting A-brand advertisers. In one of my previous posts on online advertising as a business model I stated that this was partially due to the open ad market which attract all kinds of sellers of different products and different alloy. Basically Facebook doesn’t offer the “exclusive” advertising like Yahoo does that A-brands are looking for.

Well, today I would like to ad another reason to the list. Allowing Malaysia No 1 Call Girl Service (mirror) openly promote prostitution who offer Indonesian girls with the pay-off “Yes, good service. Can do whatever u want” (mirror). WTH?! Way to go Facebook! Moderation is overrated anyway. Mind you, this is not a private profile but a public page! This is just the thing A-brands want to be associated with when building their brand. Funny thing is that Facebook rejects ads based on an innocent image but allows pages promoting hardcore prostitution.

It’s no secret I love beautiful women and if women choose to sell their services that’s up to them. But besides my doubts about how voluntary these girls work there, what about members coming from different cultures and religions? Don’t get me wrong, I’m opposed to any filtering or blocking on the Internet, but if I would be Zuckerberg this is the kind of content I would block. People thinking this is a contradiction: the Internet is a medium, Facebook a company with a brand to protect. As far as I know prostitution is illegal in the US and in Asia, their biggest growth market.

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