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Ask Selina Limman - [Crowdsourcing Twitterview]

September 15, 2011 by Remco | 10 Comments

Selina LimmanYes people, we’re in the preparation of some new “Twitterviews” here and like with our previous twitterview, we have a special preference for Indonesian “Power Women”. It’s been a long time but definitely worth waiting, we’ve got two incredible Power Women lined up for you. We take our twitterviews seriously here and consequently we have the toughest pre-selection on earth. For realz!

Anyway, after a long selection procedure, months of lobbying, begging and utter humiliation I finally managed to get no one else than the one and only Selina Limman aka Miss Urbanesia aka Miss Dimps to agree to do a Twitterview. No kiddin’, we’ve got the Queen of Indonesian startups! That’s what living up to our standards and high expectations from our readers. BOX! But….

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