Sangat Pedas

PadMapper, TechCrunch And Garry Tan Stop Whining! #craigslist

June 23, 2012 by Remco | 1 Comment

PadMapper LogoI think this is the first time that Sangat Pedas takes on the big guys from the Valley, but this time TechCrunch and Garry Tan take the cake. Here’s the load down. PadMapper is a site that aggregates real estate classifieds from other sites like Craigslist and maps all the properties on Google maps. Great site, definitely adds value for people looking for a property. One of the most important sites where they get their content from is Craigslist but Craigslist isn’t that amused anymore by PadMapper aggregating their content.

This week the lawyers of Craigslist send a cease and desist letter (see the bottom of this post) to PadMapper ordering them to remove all Craigslist content from PadMapper and to never ever do it again. They also offered PadMapper a license for their mobile apps but they won’t give PadMapper a website license.

Now TechCrunch is gettin all emotional trying to save PadMapper from this big blow by appealing to “common sense”. Here’s a quote from their post on this:

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