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New weapon in developers recruitment: TECHIE GIRLS!

November 24, 2010 by Remco | 2 Comments

Besides an astronomic salary, health insurance, THR, many holidays and a great location we at Tokobagus unintendedly found a new way to attract talents and keep our current developers.

Techie girls!

I mean what’s more cool than a techie girl that can join conversations about Ruby on Rails, PHP frameworks and hot geek stuff? Well, I tell you, ATTRACTIVE TECHIE GIRLS like our Chi, I mean that’s super-duper-uber-mega-catwoman-cool. Can we get a HELL YEAH!!?? Can we get an AMEN!!!??? Of course all our male developers full hearted agree with that. First question our developers ask our competitors when they try to recruit one of our talents is no longer about the salary or benefits but about the female co-workers, EAT THAT COMPETITORS!

Anyway, every system has it’s flaws as you can see in the striking cartoon made by Eka, one of our talented designers, which show that having techie-girls in the office doesn’t always have a positive effect on productivity. But +100 for Chi’s solution: BIG UP YOURSELF! RESPECT! AAAAIII. But in Marlon’s defense, Catwoman for god sake, Halle Berry, can someone give a nicer compliment than that?

Anyway, talented developers of the world, you can send your CV to jobs-at-tokobagus-dot-com, equal chances for everyone but we prefer you being female between the age of 20 and 30. Don’t forget to add a recent photograph to your application, makes the pre-selection a lot more fun for our HR guy.

Greetings from Bali

November 22, 2010 by Remco | 9 Comments

Tokobagus Bali waves to Jakarta

This weekend the first group from Tokobagus moved to Jakarta to start working from our new office there. And judging from their first reactions on twitter (“depressed”, “Sad”, “Angry”) live isn’t all that bad in Jakarta. As a sign of support and sympathy some of the colleagues still on Bali are waving to our heroes in Jakarta! And yeah, some faces show some signs of malicious pleasure (Abe’s smile seems just a slightly too big) but their fate is already sealed and the same. So we salut Jakarta. WE MISS YOU GUYS AN WILL JOIN YOU SOON! (but not too soon….)

We love Jakarta!

November 12, 2010 by Remco | 11 Comments

As some of you might know, at the moment Tokobagus is housed on Bali, also called paradise island. Anyways, someone on the other side of the world came up with the brilliant idea that it would be better for the business to move to Jakarta. Though that seems to make sense, the general feeling here is that this move is not considered as an upgrade. So what do you do as management? You start a charme offensive! I mean it won’t be for nothing that 16mln people chose to live in Jakarta, if Bali is really all that good there would be 16mln people living on Bali. Right? So in this new category we’re going to educate our co-workers on what Jakarta has to offer and why Jakarta beats Bali.

water sports

This weeks reason beats Bali on their on turf: water sports facilities and flexible public transportation.

Any ideas from real Jakartians can be dumped in the comments!

And the donkey of the week is…..

October 29, 2010 by Remco | 0 comments


Internet is over

Meet Ariel (a.k.a. Chazzuka), a well respected and renowned developer and highly valued colleague at Tokobagus. This guy eats 800 pages complex developments books for breakfast, his online presence is larger than Lady Gaga and he’s just about to upgrade his digital live with a Galaxy Tablet (yes I’m jealous). So basically he eats, breathes and lives Internet… at least that’s what I thought up till this afternoon’s lunch. Allow me to quote mr Internet: “I want to start a real business, you know, something offline. We predict massive layoffs at Google, everyone will read newspapers again and for status updates we use smoke signals again. Salut to Chazzuka and have fun at PestaBlogger! Ok,, come in please…