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We love Jakarta!


As some of you might know, at the moment Tokobagus is housed on Bali, also called paradise island. Anyways, someone on the other side of the world came up with the brilliant idea that it would be better for the business to move to Jakarta. Though that seems to make sense, the general feeling here is that this move is not considered as an upgrade. So what do you do as management? You start a charme offensive! I mean it won’t be for nothing that 16mln people chose to live in Jakarta, if Bali is really all that good there would be 16mln people living on Bali. Right? So in this new category we’re going to educate our co-workers on what Jakarta has to offer and why Jakarta beats Bali.

water sports

This weeks reason beats Bali on their on turf: water sports facilities and flexible public transportation.

Any ideas from real Jakartians can be dumped in the comments!


  • That’s why we love Jakarta!
  • Jakarta Mudik from above by helicopter [VIDEO]
  • [NSFW] Geeks love fashion!
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    • pemales

      jakarta indeed a better place to mati muda kaya raya. jakarta surely where the next web best thing alive. jakarta is better than bali. but to say i love jakarta over bali, maybe no. i love bali but i like jakarta. Jakarta does press a boy to become a man. Once you taste the living in Jakarta, youll be better man. Again, i like jakarta but saying i love? yep, i like jakarta. where muri, i just write so many jakarta in a comment.

    • anita lindawaty, SSi, MSi

      i know who someone said that

      mike said to me that biz only in big city. i agree with him for this -not always i agree with him- coz many logical reason support this opinion. at least all u need for biz, easy can get in big city, capital city in every country, including Jakarta.

      so, if u ask him to do biz in bali, i’m pretty sure he never do it, not so easy - trust me! it doesn’t mean he doesn’t wanna go to bali. of course he visits bali someday, but vacation only, i think!

      beside remco, it’s not happen everyday in jakarta, i mean the flood!

    • ariel

      clear message, definitely jakarta beats bali in the way it provided swimmingpool everywhere, jump anywhere, swim anywhere, cheers

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    • Gun

      yes, beside we can swim anywhere in there, where else we can enjoy pollution, traffic jam and witnesses the city sinking process.

    • Andri

      Jakarta, whatever you want, it’s there….. as long as you can enjoy

    • remco

      Mike and I are cool, no problem at all. Again this blog is not a serious startup blog like TechCrunch, Mashable or DailySocial. I just like to write (hopefully) funny stuff that makes people smile, itu saja.

    • miraz

      what i learn from jakarta is: tua di jalan, but the truth is i dont want to argue about this because everyone is caught in the traffic here, so.. may.. (baca: somay).
      jakarta offers any living needs except holiday and fresh air of course.
      one thing that i have to be grateful from jakarta is: everyone can work and be anything here.. is it good or not? dunnnooo.. hehehe…

    • b1os2000

      just want to say jakarta “enjoy jakarta” enjoy all happen in Jakarta, for bali “everyday is holiday” so when jakarta to be like BALI ,Bali short word of (kemBali LIburan )

    • icang

      Now I know, why people are still in Jakarta when this city give them traffic jam. I think, one year is not too late to realized.