[NSFW] Geeks love fashion!


A recent wild guess reliable survey by Sangatpedas shows that 89% of our visitors loves to spend their time watching women fashion. Just walking around in the Tokobagus office I noticed our male colleagues taking an interest in fashion, mainly women fashion but that must be a coincidence. Our support department is diligently moderating and nurturing our fashion category (which is now the biggest one out there) to make it the best of the best , thanks guys for your unselfish efforts!

Anyway, with the weekend coming up who are we to deny you the latest trends, the creme-de-la-creme, the cream of the crop? After all, Sangatpedas is all about shamelessly providing the information our readers want, so what the heck, maybe we can even welcome some more female readers.

So for now no more Ruby on Rails, PhP, Python, OOP, asynchronous coding, multi-threading or any of that geek stuff, time to broaden your mind and get the blood pumpin’ for the weekend. In case you might be wondering, this post is about Victoria’s Secret Fashion show 2010 showing the latest in night garments. Yep, Victoria already knew that “Small is the new Big” way before Sparxup came up with that. Guys, try to stay focussed in the fashion please!

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!


  1. The title is missing a “NSFW” part.

  2. focusing on the fashion is getting harder and harder

  3. Thanks, updated!

  4. just could not stay focus on the fashion, +1 for tha girl

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