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Nadine Zamira Sjarief - The Art of Manipulation #EvilLaugh


I LOVE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. Fact! So there you have it. It’s out. Glad I got that of my chest. But beauty is only skin deep and not always combined with intelligence. And then to find a woman who is both that and actually puts it to good use puts a big smile on my face.

Yes peepz, through some weird coincidence in my pathetic quest to let celebrities follow me on Twitter I got in contact with the extreme hot multi-talent-mega-celebrity-pageant-queen Nadine Zamira Sjarief.

Mentioning this to a female colleague (who also happens to be a full-time Sangat-Pedas-hater) was quickly replied by a bitchy “No one knows Nadine“. This of course is an implicit contradiction itself, motivated by a typical female envy that guys detect from miles away. But that made me even more convinced Nadine could be one of those rare power women who should be put to the ultimate test: a full on, raw and uncut, in your face Twitterview.

So for the people still insisting that they’ve never heard of Nadine:

BEAUTY: Well, pictures should say more than a thousand words. Nadine was crowned Miss Fabulous Personality Indonesia 2007. Followed by another pageant title Miss Indonesia Earth 2009 which was then followed by the Miss Earth (world wide that is) People’s Choice.

BRAINS: Studied International Relations at the Indonesian University followed by Master of Arts in Communication Studies - Corporate Communication at the London School of Public Relations. RESPCET!

ADVENTURE: 2010 contestant in the Amazing Race Asia. The extreme short version that is.

PASSION: Environmentalist. Founder of LeafPlus and VentiPlus. Besides working on environmental projects active as a model and presenter/host for Kompas TV.

THE BAD: Worst badminton player ever with a total disrespect for the 140 character Twitterview limit.


The ultimate test: Sangat Pedas style! Queston and answer no more than 140 characters.

Q: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
A: The truth and then some ;)

Q: Do you believe in life on other planets?
A: Yes, what a waste of space if there isn’t.

Q: What advantage do women have over men?
A: Intuition -we’re all psychics. Owww and mastering the art of manipulation #evillaugh

Q: If you were an animal what would you be and why?
A: A Ptarmigan, okapi or aardwolf. Yes type my name in a search engine you mortals, the less you know of me the bigger chance you’ll leave me alone! [Editors comment: #1 twitter violation: 191 char]

Q: Do the last 3 questions sound familiar?
A: Yes 1st one 4th grade science test. [Editors comment: check Nadine's tweetmirror. But obviously this Nadine crushed the other Nadine]

Q: Do you enjoy being a celebrity?
A: Wait, is this interview for me? Who’s the celebrity?

Q: Status?
A: Under construction.

Q: Worst pickup line someone ever used on you?
A: “No wonder they say Indonesia is a terrorist breeding country, baby you must be the bomb!” - Really now, shameless!

Q: Do you think your intelligence and beauty are intimidating for men?
A: They better be. Intimidation is an art form :D

Q: Geeks or macho’s?
A: Ahhh tough one. I can fall madly in love with either.

Q: Favorite music?
A: Anything with a good beat and melody, dangdut included ;)

Q: What do people don’t like about you?
A: Aloof, complicated, moody.

Q: Clubbing or reading?
A: Reading, and I’m not just trying to sound intelligent.

Q: What’s so far the best moment in your life?
A: Whale shark encounter –swimming in its slipstream and being close enough to inspect the sunlight hitting its smooth speckled skin and breathing gills. A truly amazing and humbling experience. [Editors comment: I could nag about another Twitter violation but I actually can just be extremely jealous right now #diver]

Q: Was “The Amazing Race Asia 2009″ really that amazing for you?
A: Would have been more amazing if we won haha but it sure was exhilarating as long as it lasted. Loved the cast who are now my good friends, now THEY’RE amazing! [Editors comment: #3 twitter violation: 159 char]

Q: Miss Fabulous Personality or Miss Earth?
A: Errrr… Miss Nadine Zamira not yet a Mrs.

Q: Beauty or brains?
A: A beautiful mind and beautiful heart.

Q: Is being a “Miss” an advantage or hinder in your work and life?
A: Both. The title sticks which can be beneficial in certain occasions but the stigma sometimes makes people question my credibility as a professional. [Editors comment: SIGH... you give a woman one finger....  #4 twitter violation: 148 char and more to come so we stop counting]

Q: Where does your passion for nature and the environment come from?
A: From my countless hours and days spent outdoors among nature. If something you love so much is being endangered, it’s natural that you want to protect it.

Q: How do you feel about living in Jakarta? It’s not one of the greenest places in Indonesia.
A: Jakarta is the perfect case for an environmentalist: pollution, waste, consumerism, misguided officials and clueless businesses. But in that same margin of challenges lays opportunities and potential for change.

Q: How do you stay positive about protecting the environment when to some seems a lost cause?
A: By believing it’s not a lost cause but instead our hope for survival

Q: What’s your highest ambition in your work?
A: Generating positive change for the environment and helping others as I do.

Q: Whats your goal in life?
A: I don’t want to be a face or a name I want to be a difference.

Q: I you could pick any, which Indonesian sinetron (soap) would you like to play in and what kind of character?
A: Ow gawd, what an inspired question with a rather uninspired answer. I don’t know any sinetron characters. Should I Google them? [Editors comment: First of all, are you dissin' my hyper intelligent line of questioning? And second, an Indonesian woman that doesn't know any sinetron characters? For realz?]

Q: Anything you would like to add?
A: Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen. :D

*nuff said. Me has big smile on face*